European shrimp market is under pressure with increasing demand, the supply shortage and high prices of some species. Inventories in Europe are very rare in the supply of raw materials from India and Bangladesh markets also fell. Heiko Lenk, CEO at Lenk Frozen Foods Asia based in Bangkok said the extreme weather conditions in Asia earlier this year made prawn supply in Bangladesh and Vietnam dropped sharply compared to the previous year . From March to May this year, hot weather with temperatures higher than 400C has affected 2 countries produce the largest prawn (Bangladesh and Vietnam), making the death rate much prawn. Many argue that the harvest can cause prices to decrease but things go contrary to predictions. Shrimp prices are up more than 10% compared to the previous week. Sized shrimp prices some 20% higher compared to white shrimp. Prawn demand mainly from Central Europe such as Germany,


( On 05.10.2015, the Conference of Ministers of Trade Agreement member countries Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has reached final agreement and conclude negotiations TPP of 12 Member States. With the policy of trade facilitation commitments eliminate tariffs and other measures nontariff barriers, high standards in the areas of intellectual property, labor safety and food safety, the Agreement TPP is considered the Agreement of the 21st century predict will bring more opportunities for the seafood business. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the TPP will form a free trade area economic accounts for 40% and 30% of global trade with 800 million people are expected to complement the world’s GDP by nearly $ 300 billion per year . TPP is expected to make a leap to Vietnam boost exports and improve national competitiveness. Most of the developed countries in the TPP commitment to cut tariffs, non-tariff barriers to goods as


( According to one major shrimp exporting company in Ecuador, Ecuadorian shrimp prices increase due to reduced output and strong demand in all markets, especially the US and European markets. However, a US importer said, demand in the US market is still weak and only whole shrimp prices rose. China is also strengthening Ecuadorian shrimp imports. Demand in Europe was recovering from the NK ready for the Christmas season while inventories in Europe currently low. Low inventory because importers are not buying because they are waiting in the summer discount. Currently, they found that the price was stable and not much supply. 3 of Ecuadorian exporters said prices rose at least $ 0.3 / lb in the last 3 weeks. Prices HOSO shrimp from Ecuador’s major export a valuable 9- $ 9.1 / kg for size 30/40; 7,7- $ 7.8 / kg for size 40/50; 6,7- $ 6.8 / kg


( white shrimp material price in the main production areas of Andhra Pradesh, India is increasing rapidly due to reduced output. Prices rose fastest large shrimp as size 40 / kg cost 340 rupees / kg 7/9 Wednesday, up 30 rupees / kg compared to the day 31/8. For shrimp size 30 figure, price 390 rupees / kg 7/9 day, up 20 rupees / kg. Prices of shrimp 60, 70 and 80 increased by 15 rupees / kg to 275 rupees respectively / kg, 245 rupees / kg and 225 rupees / kg. Shrimp prices are expected to rise further. Production fell by stocking density of extra order from May onwards in the context of disease and cost reduction. Main harvest season in other areas like Kolkata and Orissa was ending while yields remain low in Andhra Pradesh. Low yields likely to continue for at least several weeks. Shrimp small